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"I invited Mr Khim Tan to have one seminar together with my friends in my house and MIR Maju's "How To Buy From China Without Going To China" seminar has triggered EVERYONE's imagination on the business opportunities we can explore in Malaysia and worldwide due to the Unbelievably Competitive Price we can get! The best part is, we don't have to buy in volume!!"

Shila Kasim 










"When others are quoting me AUD300 for my shipment from Australia but MIR Maju's Khim Tan can do it for only RM300. Unbelievable!"

Alfred Subra - EcoBact (M) Sdn. Bhd.










"I was looking for many Business Opportunities and Mr. Khim Tan recommended the "DIRECT IMPORT SERVICE" by MIR Maju and it has Definitely Increase my Profit Margin in eBay sales"

DJ Lee 










"MIR Maju's Khim Tan helped me to bring in an URGENT Shipment from China at Short Notice of only 1 day, Very Fast."

Angie Ng - Kelvin Gems