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Why You Need Cheap Discounted International Courier Shipping Service

Shipping is an important integral part of internet business because you need to send each and every item to your customers. However, this is also one area where most internet sellers suffer.

90% of internet sellers use registered mail to send their item worldwide due to the lower cost. However, the speed of shipment could take up to 21 working days (Slow) to reach your customers. Won't you think your customers will like it if they can get their item 7 times faster?

Courier company can send your item from Malaysia to USA between 2-4 working days (Fast). However, the biggest problem with international courier service is they are too costly to use. Can you imagine sending a parcel of 500g from Malaysia to USA for RM148.00?? Do you think your customers are willing to pay for it?

This is where you need to work in a team. At MIR Maju, we consolidate shipments of more than 400 online sellers to make the volume required by international courier service to give us VERY HIGH DISCOUNT. Imagine we can help you to slash the price of 500g from Malaysia to USA for RM148.00 to RM4x.xx. Do you think that will make your sales more competitive and you can make more profits?

Open an account with us NOW to ENJOY 80% discount on your international shipping.

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